Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flying Stars Fire ! Prevention better than cure!

 So this month has a double star configuration 1-1 , 2-2& so on.
So it's double good or double bad.And Dog Month,Dog clashes with the Dragon year so one must be careful.
If you check this month's chart on wofs website you can see the different meaning  for each double combination & what cure to place.Remember my friend John who lives in a North-East facing building ? Well for the NE (9-9) this month this is what it says on wofs.com : "watch you do not activate this area with too much fire energy or it could lead to an accident caused by fire " "place a crystal point to balance energies".Well John had a crystal lotus in the NE. Look what happened to his neighbour downstairs tonight.Please place your cures in time & check the charts every month !

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Star #3 : Monthly effect on building

 My friend John lives in a building facing NE.This year the annual flying star in NE is 9 witch is good when combined with a good monthly star as it amplifies it, but in July 2012 came the monthly flying star 3.
9-3 combination means quarrels, troubles with authority/ the law. I knew John was late for a few bills so  I told him to put something red & gold at the front of his flat & remove all the plants before July starts.
His flat is on the 2nd floor. July came & the neighbours on the 1st & 3rd floor both had troubles with the law. John is fine.

To keep up with the energy changes every month check out

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gary Barlow Awesome Metal Dog

Notes from his birth chart analysis

  •  Metal Dog(1971) : Dogs get along well with Horses, Rabbits & Tigers + any collaboration done with people born in these animal years is (in general) beneficial
  • Robbie Williams other Take That member is a Tiger
  • Indication of a clash in 1996 : the year Take That split up
  • Dog clashes with Dragon : in Dragon Years should wear a Rooster Image or get close to someone born in the year of the Rooster. I think one of his daughter is Rooster so she kind of protects him this year
  • Weak Self Element (Yin Wood) so Water beneficial for him . 2012 Year of Water Dragon saw him organizing the musical aspect of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee & receiving the OBE from her
  • Queen Elizabeth is also a Tiger
  • Very good for him to live near water or to have swimming pool or water features around the house ( but need to be in good place)
  • His day pillar indicates his capacity to manage big projects & that he is very protective of his family
  • If you are a born in a Dog Year like him your best days of the week are Monday & Wednesday
  • Wednesday perfect day for his TV/radio interviews or for him to judge on X-Factor U.K.

Special Stars

  • Scholastic Brilliance : highly respected within his field
  • Peach Blossom : very attractive & can be very seductive
  • Flower of Romance
  • Warrior  : brave & courageous
  • Powerful Mentors : influential people in his life

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Monthly Flying Stars

2012 Yearly Flying Star Charts-Luck Distribution Part 3
  by Marie-Lise Chabtini

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Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 Yearly Flying Star Charts-Luck Distribution Part 2 by Marie-Lise Chabtini

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anderson Cooper & Period of 8

Came across this post on Anderson's Blog : 15 Signs of Good Fortune
Check out number 8 : it talks about period of 8 !
It just a post on his blog but who knows he might know about Feng Shui ! It's a surprise to me...guess i didn"t see him that way. I really enjoyed his show with his mum as a guest.Wonder what his 4 Pillars reveal... His family name has the lucky double "O" !

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back Home

Namaste Everyone !
I came back from India about a week ago.First I went to Bodhgaya,the most sacred place for Buddhists.I wanted to attend the Kagyu Mönlam (prayers for peace festival) & visit a good friend.Bodhgaya is not the easiest place to live but somehow I guess the presence of Karmapa & all the great lamas combined with the sacredness of the place made my visit there really great.
I also had the chance to meet Lillian Sum & see some of her work for the environment. She is part of the Sacred Earth Trust. Lillian & her team are trying to reduce the plastic pollution in Bodhgaya. 4 R's- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Rwanda & Sikkim have already banned plastic bags !And I could definitely see an improvement with the street dogs situation compared to 2,3 years ago, i was happy to congratulate Joy Frederick.It's great when you get to meet people who make a difference.
Catching up with old friends & making new ones,meeting people,attending teachings,praying,blessings..Ii was quite busy : )
After Bodhgaya I spent a week in Sherabling Monastery, a very special place !

It's good to be back home !
Student Riots in Quebec : interesting to note that there is a 7-4 combination this month in the North-West (Canada). Last year the number 7 star resided in the centre (Middle-East).
Don't forget spring is the time to de-clutter & give your home a good clean !

Monday, February 6, 2012

FORBES Entertainment's Highest Paid Men List

Congratulations to Mr Tyler Perry !
Number 1 with $ 130 million.So happy! I'm such a big fan !

Now...what did i say in 2008 ?
"Especially the time from now until 52,he will only go stronger & richer".
In 2011 started a very good 10 year period for him (Dragon)
As a Rooster this year is going to be excellent for him, water is good for his creativity & this is a water Dragon year. Aquariums & water features would be good at his office & home, but must be at the right place.
The Dragon is his secret friend, collaboration with someone born in a Dragon year would be excellent ! Who do you think he should work with ? Which actors are Dragon ?I should have a look...
To all the Roosters out there : Enjoy this year !

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Water Dragon Year !

Happy New Lunar Year !
Please make sure to place your cures & enhancers for this year !
My Rabbit & Rooster friends are already feeling much better after a challenging  year !
Dogs & Snakes have to be careful.
Buddhist Dogs ( & non Buddhists as well) should get long life blessing or/and  wang
Roosters & Tigers : this is your time !
There are some indications of earth related disasters so be careful & wear some protections !The Gyalwa Karmapa has designed a protection flag.Make sure you hang them on the right date.
Everyone should get Lillian & Jennifer Too's book Fortune & Feng Shui 2012 !
( Disponible en français Lillian & Jennifer Too Prévisions & Feng Shui 2012 )
They are full of essential info !
Few months ago i went to see Amma ( Ma Amritanandamayi) in London & i found this beautiful Yantra, the sun has to shine on it ! 
Sending you lots of good wishes !