Monday, February 6, 2012

FORBES Entertainment's Highest Paid Men List

Congratulations to Mr Tyler Perry !
Number 1 with $ 130 million.So happy! I'm such a big fan !

Now...what did i say in 2008 ?
"Especially the time from now until 52,he will only go stronger & richer".
In 2011 started a very good 10 year period for him (Dragon)
As a Rooster this year is going to be excellent for him, water is good for his creativity & this is a water Dragon year. Aquariums & water features would be good at his office & home, but must be at the right place.
The Dragon is his secret friend, collaboration with someone born in a Dragon year would be excellent ! Who do you think he should work with ? Which actors are Dragon ?I should have a look...
To all the Roosters out there : Enjoy this year !

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