Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back Home

Namaste Everyone !
I came back from India about a week ago.First I went to Bodhgaya,the most sacred place for Buddhists.I wanted to attend the Kagyu Mönlam (prayers for peace festival) & visit a good friend.Bodhgaya is not the easiest place to live but somehow I guess the presence of Karmapa & all the great lamas combined with the sacredness of the place made my visit there really great.
I also had the chance to meet Lillian Sum & see some of her work for the environment. She is part of the Sacred Earth Trust. Lillian & her team are trying to reduce the plastic pollution in Bodhgaya. 4 R's- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Rwanda & Sikkim have already banned plastic bags !And I could definitely see an improvement with the street dogs situation compared to 2,3 years ago, i was happy to congratulate Joy Frederick.It's great when you get to meet people who make a difference.
Catching up with old friends & making new ones,meeting people,attending teachings,praying,blessings..Ii was quite busy : )
After Bodhgaya I spent a week in Sherabling Monastery, a very special place !

It's good to be back home !
Student Riots in Quebec : interesting to note that there is a 7-4 combination this month in the North-West (Canada). Last year the number 7 star resided in the centre (Middle-East).
Don't forget spring is the time to de-clutter & give your home a good clean !

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