Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gary Barlow Awesome Metal Dog

Notes from his birth chart analysis

  •  Metal Dog(1971) : Dogs get along well with Horses, Rabbits & Tigers + any collaboration done with people born in these animal years is (in general) beneficial
  • Robbie Williams other Take That member is a Tiger
  • Indication of a clash in 1996 : the year Take That split up
  • Dog clashes with Dragon : in Dragon Years should wear a Rooster Image or get close to someone born in the year of the Rooster. I think one of his daughter is Rooster so she kind of protects him this year
  • Weak Self Element (Yin Wood) so Water beneficial for him . 2012 Year of Water Dragon saw him organizing the musical aspect of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee & receiving the OBE from her
  • Queen Elizabeth is also a Tiger
  • Very good for him to live near water or to have swimming pool or water features around the house ( but need to be in good place)
  • His day pillar indicates his capacity to manage big projects & that he is very protective of his family
  • If you are a born in a Dog Year like him your best days of the week are Monday & Wednesday
  • Wednesday perfect day for his TV/radio interviews or for him to judge on X-Factor U.K.

Special Stars

  • Scholastic Brilliance : highly respected within his field
  • Peach Blossom : very attractive & can be very seductive
  • Flower of Romance
  • Warrior  : brave & courageous
  • Powerful Mentors : influential people in his life

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