Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CNNMoney.com Article (Fortune):The unstoppable Fung brothers

Li & Fung has become one of the world's largest producers of consumer goods, and the company only keeps growing.

There's just a tiny hint of feng shui practice,but it's so rare to hear it from those at the very top..i just had to link it : )

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buddhist Calligraphy Masters Short Video

Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Situ Rinpoche, and Maezumi Roshi are seen creating calligraphies for exhibitions and fundraising for Dharma Art, Shambhala Art and the Los Angeles Shambhala Center over the years.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some of the plants featured in the video

  • Peonies
  • Plum Blossom
  • Lilies
  • Lotus
  • Chrysanthemum
  • "Money Plant"
  • Orchids
  • Trees:Pine,Peach,Orange,Lime
  • Bamboo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In the News : Water for Prosperity by SBS Surendran

Water for prosperity
S B S Surendran

KOCHI: As a result of modernisation, a large number of shopping centres and malls have come up in major cities. The atmosphere inside a shopping centre or mall determines the type of energy which exists in that building and in turn translates to the success of the mall. The design and shape of a commercial establishment and the right balance of the feng shui elements enhance its prosperity.

Some have large water features as an added attraction. The shape of the building and the movement of the people within it simulates the flow of water in terms of energy movement.

There are many shopping malls which incorporate water curtains in their design. But huge water curtains where water flows from a very high level are not good feng shui. Fish ponds with Koi fish are more appropriate. Fish represent wealth and prosperity in feng shui. The Chinese word for fish also translates to “abundance”.

As with most Chinese symbols, the carp and Koi too have legends attached to them.

The Koi is a drum shaped Japanese fish that can make your garden pond come alive with its vibrant colours and playful behaviour.

It can grow to a length of about three feet and attain a weight of 40 lbs, and thus requires large ponds with excellent quality water to survive. The Koi like to live in communities and cannot survive alone. So you should have at least three to four fish to begin with. They should be kept away from direct sunlight. Try to locate the pond in an area which is shady. A Koi pond with bubbling water and a tasteful water fountain would be an ideal feng shui enhancer. It would not only be a visual delight but an added attraction for children and those who wish to relax a little after shopping.

A very accurate and excellent water feature according to feng shui should have the support of the five elements. In the design of a fountain, this may appear a little challenging but you can decide on the shape of the fountain and the direction of water flow. The earth element can be represented by water flowing down to the centrepoint or to the earth. The metal element can be included by means of a container with a bronze ring.

The circle represents the metal element. The actual water flowing down from the ring will be the water element. Placing lights or laser lights under the water can signify the fire element.

In feng shui, everything has its appropriate place. Positive chi, the basic energy of life, can be attained by the appropriate placing and direction of objects and buildings.

Water as an energiser or as a cure is a very effective element in restoring balance in a space.

However, the direction of flow and positioning of the water feature is critical and it will vary according to the compass direction and orientation of the structure and the plot axis.

S B S Surendran

Master Fengshui Consultant and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sufi Rapper: The Spiritual Journey of Abd al Malik

Religion in Review: March 2009 - 3/23/2009 10:40:00 AM - Publishers Weekly
Sufi Rapper: The Spiritual Journey of Abd al Malik
Abd al Malik. Inner Traditions, $16.95 paper (176p) ISBN 978-1-59477-278-8
Successful French rap star al Malik pens this lyrically written and uplifting little memoir. Although his Congolese parents provided an idyllic early childhood for him in Africa, their moving to France subjected him to the merciless environment of the French banlieues (ghettoes). With honesty, al Malik describes his double life: he was a gifted student reading Camus and Sartre, and he made a small fortune picking pockets every weekend, and later dealing drugs. The contrasts of his life eventually led him to Islam and to the nascent African-American rap movement, both helping him to make sense of the debauched lifestyles he saw. As his fame as a rapper increased, he became more and more confused that music was not permissible in Islam. His agonizing dilemma finally led him to a Sufi spiritual leader who helped him realize that his love of music and art were not wrong but part of divine planning. His story is one of a unique individual, a rapper who quotes American novelist Jonathan Franzen, a Muslim man in awe of his wife’s courage as she gives birth to their son. (Apr.)

Lien Wikipédia en français

Site Officiel

Friday, March 27, 2009

A member of the family

Many of us think of our dogs not as pets but as full-fledged members of our families. If you own a dog-or are thinking about getting one-A Member of the Family is the ultimate resource for integrating your canine companion into the life of your household.
What should you do if you need to leave your dog alone at home while everyone is at work? Are you providing him with the exercise he needs? How can you make sure your children and dog get along well? How do events in the human family-such as birth, marriage, or divorce-affect the family dog? All of these questions and many more are answered by bestselling author Cesar Millan in his new book.

See my previous post on Cesar here

Monday, March 23, 2009

N.Y.Times Article:Ancient Chinese Craft Shifts Building Designs in the U.S.

Ancient Chinese Craft Shifts Building Designs in the U.S. - The New York Times
Even the $2.5 billion Riverside South project on the Upper West Side could include some elements of feng shui because of the entry of a group of Hong Kong investors as Donald J. Trump's new partners in developing the site. "It's just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors," Mr. Trump said. "Asians are becoming a big part of our market and this is something we can't ignore."

The theory behind feng shui is that a life force flows through all things -- buildings, hills, rivers, power lines, people -- and the manipulation of the force through the proper orientation of physical structures can enhance a person's luck, wealth and good health.

In the Far East, buildings with good feng shui can draw mobs of buyers eager to enhance their fortunes. Bad feng shui, in the opinion of a practitioner, can break a deal in a moment.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Singapore Flyer

Advanced News: Feng Shui and the Singapore Flyer | Heads Up English | ESL Lessons
Advanced News: Feng Shui and the Singapore Flyer
Sunday, 10 August 2008

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which purports a connection between heaven and earth, both of which directly influence a person's positive energy. Masters of the traditional practice believe that the energy affects prosperity, particularly health, wealth, and personal relationships, and determines favorable places for homes, burial sites, agriculture, and the like. It's now spread outside China, and is often used to ascertain the most favorable arrangement for furniture in homes. It even influences building design, the latest of which is Singapore's observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer.

The Singapore Flyer is the world's largest Ferris wheel, at forty-two storeys tall. It has twenty-eight air-conditioned cars, each of which can hold twenty-eight passengers. The cars face the business district as they rise, and then face the sea and beaches as they complete their journey. But Feng Shui experts iterated that the counter-clockwise rotation of the wheel stole good fortune from the city. The Flyer went against the sun and sent that energy out to sea.

Rather than scoff and dismiss the Feng Shui masters, the chairman of the Flyer considered the recommendations. Singapore may be an ultra-modern city, but many traditional values and beliefs still maintain sway. As a result, it mattered less that the changes cost some six figures (the exact amount remains undisclosed). The chairman justified the expense, likening the change to putting together the perfect ending to a movie.

Many other structures in Asia have had large amounts of money spent in order to tap into the energy. A skyscraper that looked like a giant candle had a pool constructed on the roof, as water puts out fire. Another building was redesigned to include a massive square hole in the middle to follow the dictates of Feng Shui. The wheel, as of August 4th, now rotates clockwise, and brings good fortune to the whole of Singapore.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do!"

Astrology of Finance
An interesting bit of history reveals that Mr. J.P. Morgan, yes, THE Mr. Morgan, mega-financial tycoon, was quoted as saying, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do!" It is a documented fact that Mr. Morgan purchased a ticket for the Titanic's maiden voyage a few weeks prior to her ill-fated departure, as so many of his elitist associates had done. However, J.P. Morgan suddenly changed his itinerary for the South of France. His close friends claim that Mr. Morgan had consulted with his astrologer just prior to changing his travel plans.
J. P. Morgan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Pierpont Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American financier, banker and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892 Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thompson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. After financing the creation of the Federal Steel Company he merged the Carnegie Steel Company and several other steel and iron businesses to form the United States Steel Corporation in 1901. He is widely credited with having saved or rescued the U.S. national economy in general—and the federal government in particular—on two separate occasions. He bequeathed much of his large art collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and to the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, Connecticut. He died in Rome, Italy, in 1913 at the age of 75, leaving his fortune and business to his son, John Pierpont "Jack" Morgan, Jr.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latest News:Extravaganza Amsterdam 2009

Two weeks ago,I was in Amsterdam for the w-e for the Extravaganza & it was great !Have not seen Kuala Lumpur in a while so to see Lillian & her team (Connie,Nicky & Jan) & all my classmates was just great.
Congratulations to Lady Lynn !I had a really good time.
Of course i spent most of my time with Marie-Lise,we had 3 years to catch up !Last time we saw each other was in Bodanath,Népal : )
I met some very nice people,it was truly cosmopolitan.A former banker,a diplomat,a Sanskrit scholar...from Spain,Russia,Lebanon,Canada.
I learned a lot about the coming year.For each of the animals signs,the forecast for the different industriesYear of the Ox:hard work brings reward.Got plenty of tips to share,if you are nice to me of course :))
I 've been quite busy since i got back,checking if i updated my FS well,writing,translating but i though i 'll give you some news.

Plenty of good wishes for the year of the Ox !!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Dipa Ma 's Biography

Read the life story and spiritual teachings of Dipa Ma, a major figure in contemporary Buddhism. She was the teacher of such well-respected western Buddhists as Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Alice Walker and Sylvia Boorstein, among others.

An accomplished yogi, she was an inspired teacher and a devoted mother and grandmother. A woman who found great freedom through profound levels of insight and one who exemplified in her every action immense kindness, generosity, and mindfulness.

Through this unique account of a remarkable woman, together with the reminiscences of her students, many more aspiring practitioners will be inspired by her life and legacy.

Foreword: Sharon Salzberg
Introduction: Joseph Goldstein
Afterword: Jack Kornfield

This book, like Dipa Ma, is simple, straightforward and powerful.
Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

Link to Wind Horse Publications

Link to Barnes & Noble

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Stone from Heaven

If you'd like to know more about jade,here's a book recommended to me by my teacher:

The Stone of Heaven: the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott Clark.

La Pierre du Ciel par Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott Clark

The Stone from Heaven - Nephrite Jade

Nephrite or "true" jade has influenced civilisations in Asia,South America and the Pacific since beginning of history.Wherever jade has occurred people have found value in it as a tool,a healing stone and as a connection to the gods.The hardness and toughness of jade was first exploited for tools over 5000 years ago.

Jade conjures the magic of legend,especially in China where Nephrite jade was known as the stone of heaven.Ancient Chinese myths told of jade being plucked from the rainbow and cast down to the earth.With such importance attached to it,the Chinese have traditionally valued jade above other wordly possessions.

(from Jade Buddha Brochure)

In 2009 those born in the year of Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon & Boar will especially benefit from wearing jade.

Nephrite jade is the best kind,the greener the better.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Dzi, Divine Gemstone of Tibet

I must confess i had a really hard time believing that minerals,stones could have any effect.
That is until i went to my first FS course in 2005.I wore a 9 eyed dzi bought from WOFS boutique when i came back,to test it...
Let me just say that many good things happened,not only to me but to some of my friends & people I've met who told me their stories.
So true or not i though I'll share with you these links,better to test it yourself : )

Where to get them?

In Belgium (or near):WOFS BELGIUM

WOFS Dzi Beads

Dzi Kingdom (Antique Dzi Collection)



The Legend of Tibetan Dzi Bead

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Chrysanthèmes by Monet 1897

Claude Monet never went to Japan but was quite fond of it.
Chrysanthemum known in Europe as the flower of the deceased,it is quite popular in Asia,particularly China & Japan.
There it is associated with a good life(especially the rounded yellow kind)
In Japan, there’s even a “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate this flower each year.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Body Art

This very kind guy i met right outside Tergar Monastery after attending teachings allowed me to take pictures of his tattoos on each side of the neck.