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In the News : Water for Prosperity by SBS Surendran

Water for prosperity
S B S Surendran

KOCHI: As a result of modernisation, a large number of shopping centres and malls have come up in major cities. The atmosphere inside a shopping centre or mall determines the type of energy which exists in that building and in turn translates to the success of the mall. The design and shape of a commercial establishment and the right balance of the feng shui elements enhance its prosperity.

Some have large water features as an added attraction. The shape of the building and the movement of the people within it simulates the flow of water in terms of energy movement.

There are many shopping malls which incorporate water curtains in their design. But huge water curtains where water flows from a very high level are not good feng shui. Fish ponds with Koi fish are more appropriate. Fish represent wealth and prosperity in feng shui. The Chinese word for fish also translates to “abundance”.

As with most Chinese symbols, the carp and Koi too have legends attached to them.

The Koi is a drum shaped Japanese fish that can make your garden pond come alive with its vibrant colours and playful behaviour.

It can grow to a length of about three feet and attain a weight of 40 lbs, and thus requires large ponds with excellent quality water to survive. The Koi like to live in communities and cannot survive alone. So you should have at least three to four fish to begin with. They should be kept away from direct sunlight. Try to locate the pond in an area which is shady. A Koi pond with bubbling water and a tasteful water fountain would be an ideal feng shui enhancer. It would not only be a visual delight but an added attraction for children and those who wish to relax a little after shopping.

A very accurate and excellent water feature according to feng shui should have the support of the five elements. In the design of a fountain, this may appear a little challenging but you can decide on the shape of the fountain and the direction of water flow. The earth element can be represented by water flowing down to the centrepoint or to the earth. The metal element can be included by means of a container with a bronze ring.

The circle represents the metal element. The actual water flowing down from the ring will be the water element. Placing lights or laser lights under the water can signify the fire element.

In feng shui, everything has its appropriate place. Positive chi, the basic energy of life, can be attained by the appropriate placing and direction of objects and buildings.

Water as an energiser or as a cure is a very effective element in restoring balance in a space.

However, the direction of flow and positioning of the water feature is critical and it will vary according to the compass direction and orientation of the structure and the plot axis.

S B S Surendran

Master Fengshui Consultant and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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