Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latest News:Extravaganza Amsterdam 2009

Two weeks ago,I was in Amsterdam for the w-e for the Extravaganza & it was great !Have not seen Kuala Lumpur in a while so to see Lillian & her team (Connie,Nicky & Jan) & all my classmates was just great.
Congratulations to Lady Lynn !I had a really good time.
Of course i spent most of my time with Marie-Lise,we had 3 years to catch up !Last time we saw each other was in Bodanath,Népal : )
I met some very nice people,it was truly cosmopolitan.A former banker,a diplomat,a Sanskrit scholar...from Spain,Russia,Lebanon,Canada.
I learned a lot about the coming year.For each of the animals signs,the forecast for the different industriesYear of the Ox:hard work brings reward.Got plenty of tips to share,if you are nice to me of course :))
I 've been quite busy since i got back,checking if i updated my FS well,writing,translating but i though i 'll give you some news.

Plenty of good wishes for the year of the Ox !!!


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