Friday, February 27, 2009

The Stone from Heaven - Nephrite Jade

Nephrite or "true" jade has influenced civilisations in Asia,South America and the Pacific since beginning of history.Wherever jade has occurred people have found value in it as a tool,a healing stone and as a connection to the gods.The hardness and toughness of jade was first exploited for tools over 5000 years ago.

Jade conjures the magic of legend,especially in China where Nephrite jade was known as the stone of heaven.Ancient Chinese myths told of jade being plucked from the rainbow and cast down to the earth.With such importance attached to it,the Chinese have traditionally valued jade above other wordly possessions.

(from Jade Buddha Brochure)

In 2009 those born in the year of Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon & Boar will especially benefit from wearing jade.

Nephrite jade is the best kind,the greener the better.


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