Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News:Reunion & Cool Gift

I had not seen my cousin Lily in more than 10 years.We were quite close,she used to babysit me & taught me many things.She lived in China as a child & kept on studying when she got back in Europe(INALCO,Paris).So perfectly fluent in mandarin.
I was lucky to have her as a kid,i was very curious about other cultures (especialy China & Japan) & not many people around me could answer my questions.

So i had dinner at her place last week & we had a wonderful "update" reunion.
As i was visiting her apartment i saw something hanging on the wall that i really liked & she decided on the spot to give it to me !

A silk hanging with the word "happiness" in a 100 different scripts.She hanged it upside down but we hanged it the other way this afternoon in my living room.

On the west wall it acts as a remedy for the annual no 3 Star because it's red.
The no 3 star causes quarrels,court cases & relationships troubles.
Other cures for the number 3 star (in 2010 south sector)
  • Red & Gold cushions,fabrics
  • Red & Gold Holy Verses
  • Golden Laughing Buddha
  • Ksitigarbha Fire Ball

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